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Honeywell Home Automation

With Honeywell® Home Automation products and services, you'll find connection and control at your fingertips or the tip of your tongue using simple controllers and voice commands. Central Illinois Security (CIS) can add any or all the following home automation to your Honeywell system so your smart home adjusts perfectly to your life and schedule.

Control all the following settings while in your smart home using intuitive touch screen controls or while away using Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services. From your computer, smartphone, or tablet, you can manage the security system, receive "smart alert" notifications to your mobile device, control thermostats, lighting, and locks, and even view live video.

Home Automation Security Systems

Control your security system away from home and keep track of when the system has been armed or disarmed. Count on smart alarms for smoke, fire, or unwelcome intruders.

Home Automation Thermostats

Control temperature to adjust, based on your family's schedule and your security alarm settings, for increased comfort, fewer temperature swings, and energy savings.

Home Automation Lighting

Program indoor and outdoor lighting to go on and off based on the time of day and your schedule for added convenience, ambience, and security.

Home Automation Locks

Set your window and door locks based on your home alarm settings and family schedule. Unlock the door for approved visitors or family members without keys.

Home Automation Water Control

Avoid costly home repairs by discovering water leaks, freezes, or humidity problems immediately with the water leak and freeze detector. Smart alert notifications are sent to your mobile device.

Home Automation Video Doorbells

See, hear, speak, and react to visitors at the front door. Lock and unlock the door for approved guests from your smart device app.

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