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Smart Home Automation Systems

For your family’s optimum security, comfort, and enjoyment, automate all the basic functions, features, and activity in your home from the tips of your fingers or by voice command. Central Illinois Security (CIS) can install smart home automation systems as part of your home security solution. Every home is different, and we'll customize an automation system to match your specific goals and budget. Through our affiliation with several smart home solutions providers, CIS has the expertise and the options to provide whole home automation or to enable the control of a single room with the system best suited for your needs.

Remotely monitor and adjust all the devices that make your home run most securely, efficiently, and conveniently. With true smart home automation installation from CIS, control your security, climate, and entertainment settings from one easy-to-use interface that works the same from your smartphone, tablet, computer, touch screen, or remote. Your customized smart home system will eliminate the frustration of monitoring every device from a separate app.

Whole home automation of a sprawling estate to one single room in a bungalow, CIS has you covered for smart home automation installation, whether you're building a new home or updating an existing one. Learn more about the smart home automation systems CIS can design and install from our preferred providers:

Ready to make your home smart? Our experts will perform a no-cost, no-obligation smart home automation assessment. Schedule your free home automation evaluation today.